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Behind the Scenes with Go Pro at 10 Girl Orgy!
(33 minute 1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Come hang out behind the scenes at our 10 girl Florida Orgy! Full 33 min video behind the scenes with the girls passing around the Go Pro camera during the orgy. Never before seen footage ... Come have a kinky time! CLICK HERE!


New Purple Gspot Toy
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I am all alone! My chance to play with my new toy… Oh that feels soooo good. Just hitting that GSpot. I am so fucking wet… so close to cuming! Ah that’s right baby grab the toy and put me over the edge!! He grabbed the toy and made me cum really good!! Fuck baby! CLICK HERE!


We’re Going to Have a Panty Party!
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

So I am so excited, I have plans for this weekend! My girlfriends and I are going to have a panty party! It’s so much fun. We all go to a store where there is super sexy lingerie and pick out like 5 or 6 pairs of the panties that we love the most. Then we go to somebody’s house and drink lots of wine and we try on the panties. All of us girls try on each other’s panties, the ones that we bought! Sometimes we keep them and sometimes we keep them. It just gets so crazy! There’s so much wine and giggling and everything!So I wanted to show you the panties that I bought and I want you to help me decide if these are a good choice. I think they are really hot but I need you to help me!!

I try on all these sexy panties (including shiny and real expensive satin ones), wiggle my butt, spread my butt cheeks, bend over so you can see my butt up close, spank my ass, and dance around a bit. Then I am so horny by the end I have to masturbate! CLICK HERE!


Making Wannabe Sissy Bitch Worship My Boots and Feet
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I put this wannabe sissy bitch in his place, serving Me a glass of wine and being on his knees in front of Me I make him worship and lick my 6 inch stiletto boots clean, then unzip them and worship My warm, slightly sweaty Goddess Feet. CLICK HERE!


Fuckathon 2016!! 10 Girl Orgy! Part 2
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Join Me and 9 other gorgeous girls for part 2 of our 10 girl orgy! That’s what happens at these naughty conventions you know… hundreds of hot girls converged on Fetishcon 2016 in Florida and as you would expect debauchery ensued!! Me, Camille Black, Fifi Fox, Dani Dare, Maxine X, Nadia White, Chrissy Daniels, Eden Bello, Maci May and Vhex had a wet, squirty, sweaty, messy blast pleasing each other’s pussies!! Join Myself and my hot girlfriends for a mind blowing Fuckathon!


Vintage Lesbians (Girl on Girl)
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

We love kissing and exploring each other’s bodies and we want YOU to join us!! CLICK HERE!


My Lover Watching Me Work
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

You have been wanting to come and watch me do a shoot ever since we have been lovers and you found out that I shoot naughty porno pics and clips for a job… begging me to watch me get naughty in front of the photographers’s lense. Well, I have finally given in and here you are in the studio watching me do a very fucking sexy photo shoot, spreading my pussy and wiggling my ass for the camera. I think it’s so cute to tease you and talk to you while you are watching me work! Especially since you’ve got a HUGE HARD ON! Well well well.. what are we going to do with that hard on when I’m done my shoot lover? You going to fuck this pornstar pussy?? Mmm ... CLICK HERE!


Fuckathon 2016!! 10 Girl Orgy! Part 1
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Join Me and 9 other gorgeous girls for our 10 girl orgy! That’s what happens at these naughty conventions you know.. hundreds of hot girls converged at Fetishcon 2016 in Florida and as you would expect debauchery ensued!! Me, Camille Black, Fifi Fox, Dani Dare, Maxine X, Nadia White, Chrissy Daniels, Eden Bello, Maci May and Vhex had a wet, squirty, sweaty, messy blast pleasing each other’s pussies!! And… this is just the beginning.. Join myself and my hot girlfriends for a mindblowing fuckathon!


(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Two sexy MILFs alone in a room together, big boobs, sexy asses, juicy pussies and sex toys.. just a perfect storm waiting to happen! Cum join us, we’d love to have you! CLICK HERE for the full HD video in my club!


Can I Be Your Little Snuggler Bunny on Halloween?
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I’m such a soft little bunny mmmm I’m the best snuggler there ever was. It’s getting so cold outside so I bet you need someone to help you snuggle. Can I be your little snuggler on Halloween? It’s so scary outside. The wind is howling, creatures running through the night, scary monsters! You need a cute little pink bunny to make you feel happy and safe, can I be your bunny. Let me show you all the fun things about having a pet bunny ;) The best things about bunnies is they have all the cute pink things in the right cute pink places! Let me be your bad little bunny ... CLICK HERE!


Perhaps I'll Give Him a Show
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

The internet is down so I can’t work on my website today. Dammit lost time. Hmmm what shall I do. I wonder if that young neighbor guy that likes to peek in my window when I’m editing porn. I wonder if he is around today. I have an idea I have noting else to do so perhaps I’ll give him a show. Oh there he is.. he is watching me… stroke your dick for me! Ohhh ohhh oh yes… and I get lost in playing with my pussy as he watches and I encourage him to cum hard and lose his big hot load for me! POV ... CLICK HERE!


FemDomme Tease in Silky Pantyhose
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I love these pantyhose they are so hot. And I love teasing you while I’m wearing them… you want to worship my long long legs in these don’t you?! You’re dying to see my feet, well you’ve been a good boy so here’s my sexy feet in beautiful smooth pantyhose! Maybe I should let you sit down and I’ll smother your face. You’ve been good but I need to see some more work done, so you can just sit over there and imagine. I love seducing you. It’s so much fun. You want this ass, I can see it, you’re drooling!

What will you do for Me if I sit on you and smother you with my perfect MILF ass? ** Wicked laughter** CLICK HERE!


Fantasy For Him
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I have always had a fantasy for his huge black cock and although I am not living it out in real life I am living it out here! Just holding this 11” thick black cock is amazing and I cannot wait to bury it deep inside of my pussy. Not sure if I can take it all but I am going to give it one hell of a try. So watch as I fuck my tight pussy with this huge dildo and fantasize about the real thing deep inside me until I cum! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Black Widow
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I’m the black widow, you know what that means.. you have a choice. You can come into my web and enjoy ecstasy for one night but then uhhh.. it will be all over. So after that one night it’s bye bye. So you have a choice to make. Ecstasy for one night or do you walk away. I’m pretty sure I have the power over you and you’re going to be stuck in my web. Let me show you! I think you want this. (strips seductively) You know what I’m very experienced so baby I’m going to give you the time of your life.

Watch Kylie grind and bounce on the bed and ride the pillow and show you what it will be like if you give in to her wickedness ... CLICK HERE!


Victoria Secret Panty Modeling
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I’m so excited I just got all these new panties in the mail from a fan! I don’t know if you know this but I kind of have a panty fetish so I can’t wait to try them on! I should probably lose the robe.. what do you think of these ? And these? Are they my color? That bow is in a good spot.. you wanna spank me don’t you?!

I proceed to try to on all 5 pairs of panties and comment on them as I bend over and jiggle and spread my ass cheeks. (nude also) Which ones do you like? CLICK HERE!


Marking My Territory
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

So I’m in Vegas with some really crazy friends.. and they are so horny they are bringing men back to the room and.. well , you know! I need some space of my own. So I figure I need to make my territory. I’m kind of like a wild animal so why not do what the animals do. I picked my spot as the shower and I mark it by letting my full bladder (several glasses of wine and water, gotta hydrate!) all over the shower stall. That should do the trick! But if you think I’m gross that’s just tough, maybe I’m a little crazy… but fucking hot! CLICK HERE!


Hot For Teacher
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I’m starting to think there’s another reason why you’ve been misbehaving in my class.. I’m starting to think by the doodles on your homework and watching your eyes and the whole chatter I hear with your friends that maybe you’re staying after class because you want to spend more time with me. Aww you’re blushing.. that’s so cute but what maybe you don’t realize is you’re keeping me after class and taking my precious time so I’m going to punish you for taking my time. I can never get that back. I’ll give you something to talk to you friends about. So what do you think about this little fun tool (ruler) that I brought with me.

I see you looking at my legs and stockings all the time, do you like my legs, my stockings ... pretty sure I’ve noticed a hard on more than once.. I think you really like my stockings ... CLICK HERE & JOIN ME FOR DETENTION! ;)


BIG O in Fishnet Garter Stockings and Cum Fuck Me Booties
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

So I just went shopping and got these booties and sexy fucking fishnets.. I know they totally turn me on. What about you? I’m pretty wet .. nothing hotter than a woman with really long legs in sexy fishnets and sky high heels! So can you do something for me.. unzip your pants, I wanna see that big dick. I wanna watch you watch me! Sigh**** Oh my slit is so warm.. you know what that means right ... CLICK HERE!


Better Than the Hockey Game
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

I’ve been downstairs doing the dishes so now I’ve come upstairs to have some fun with you! You should just turn off the hockey game because I’ve got something so much better for us to do! I’m going to suck your cock! I’m the kind of wife all our neighbors and your buddies at work wish they had ... ;) I bet if they knew all the stuff we get up to they’d be jealous. Now let’s get down to business I want that cock in my mouth! CLICK HERE!


Kylie Shames Alyssa’s Boyfriend Then Fucks Her!
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

Kylie shames Alyssa’s boyfriend for not knowing what he’s got in such a beautiful woman and not knowing how to please her with his small dick. She then proceeds to fuck Alyssa with her latex strap-on and show him how to please his girlfriend. Kylie pounds Alyssa's tight pussy like it has never been pounded by her small dick boyfriend. Alyssa finally gets a satisfying orgasm from fucking! CLICK HERE!


Magic Coconut Oil (POV 1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

So my girlfriends told me that coconut oil is like magic for giving the best handjobs so I thought I’d surprise you with it!! Seems like it’s so magic you want to shoot your big load right away.. but I’m going to make you wait and tease you a little in my sexy stockings first before I let you explode!
Wow what a huge load of cum!!! You must have been saving that for me! Yummy! CLICK HERE!


Converse Sex (1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible)

If there’s one thing I know about this guy, he gets so turned on by watching me shake my ass, oh AND seeing me in my Converse High Tops! You could say he has a bit of a sneaker fetish. I was out running in the morning in my Cons with no socks and I kept them on when I decided to get some more exercise and get my fuck on. My shorts were already gone, I removed my panties and shook my titties and ass for him, then got him hard with my mouth. I climbed on his lap with my high tops on and eased myself down on that big cock. It didn’t take too long for him to get there and I pulled him out and stroked that cock as he lost his load! Then I got down and cleaned him up licking the cum off his cock. Mmmm And, of course I had to shake my ass for him one more time. Haha I’m such and naughty sneaker slut! CLICK HERE!


Public Masturbation (Computer & Mobile Compatible)

I'm such a naughty girl. It turns me on to masturbate outside where I could be discovered by a neighbor or delivery person at any time! I am so horny I lift my dress up and pull out my tits and rub my pussy to orgasm right there outside where I could get caught! I have a nice shaking orgasm and have to cover my own mouth to keep from squeeling! hehe CLICK HERE!


Pantyhose Sex Fight! (1080p HD & Mobile Compatible)

Kylie and Alyssa both love black sexy pantyhose. Kylie has seen Alyssa looking at pictures of girls in black pantyhose with a sparkle in her eye. She thinks Alyssa likes girls but doesn’t want to give in to her desire. Kylie is at Alyssa’s apartment and walks in on her changing. She forces Alyssa to kiss her even holding her by the hair and arms. Kylie removes her clothes except her pantyhose and aggressively rubs her crotch against Alyssa until she gives in and admits that she enjoys it. Then Kylie strongly persuades Alyssa to try tribbing with her in the pantyhose. Alyssa likes it so much she takes over and gets on top. They rip the crotches out of the pantyhose so they can get closer but still have the feeling of sexy pantyhose on their legs. Alyssa is very aroused and goes down on Kylie, then she pulls out her own double ended dildo! They please each other to orgasm with the dildo and even fuck it together ass to ass. What an arousing round between these two sex kittens!! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Behind The Scenes (1080p HD & Mobile Compatible)

The photographer I was shooting my satin bra and panties photo gallery with did a sneaky thing! He turned on his video camera and captured the whole still photo shoot! Yes that’s right the naughty sexy red lingerie one where I bring out my big dildo and shove it in my tight little MILF pussy!

HSo here it is.. he convinced me to let you all see it because he thinks I’m so damn cute just ‘being me’ and not going by a script or any set dialogue. Come have some fun with me at behind the scenes!! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Mr. C Give It To Me! (720p HD & Mobile Compatible)

Oh Santa you caught me being naughty! How an I get on your good girl list? Let me show you what I want from you … hehehe Does me playing with this big cock give you any ideas? This could be YOU Santa! Cum give it to me Mr. C!!

Be My Santa! Happy Holidays XOXO Kylie

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Jack Off Instruction (Mobile Compatible)

You are the hot young bag boy who always stares at me when I go grocery shopping. Today you volunteered to pack my groceries home for me too! How sweet. After I tell you to place the groceries on my kitchen table I notice you staring at my tits again. I decide since you always seem so wanton and in lust with me that I will give you a little treat and let you see. After I notice your hard-on from seeing my tits I continue to give ou masturbation instruction to stroke your young cock off right there in my kitchen in front of me while you watch me run my hands all over my MILF body and show you my pussy. I tell you how I want to see you touch that cock and stroke it for me. I tell you I will make you my bitch (and eat it) after you lose your big load on my floor. I love being Queen MILF. Cum for me! (POV) CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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Babysitter Gets Spanked & Fingered (1080p HD Video)

I came home from a night out and found my naughty babysitter had not done her job at all. The house was a mess, rugrats were in a hyper sugar coma. After all what do I pay her for?? I was steaming mad. That Mama instinct kicked and I spanked that babysitter for not doing as she was told. That’s right, I pulled down her pants and spanked her bare bum! Then I fingered her little pussy so she’d never forgot it!! She squirmed and said yes Ma’m. I think she’ll be good from now on! POV .... CLICK HERE!

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Spontaneous Masturbation and Ass Play

This wasn’t planned…. I’m not wearing much makeup and my hair is not done but damn I was about to spontaneously combust. I felt so horny I started to play with myself and the camera got turned on even though I didn’t feel very glamorous. It was all about feeling good. I played with my pussy through my panties then finally stripped them off and got out some lube and fingered my asshole while I played. My little rosebud is so tight! I love fingering my ass so much I made myself cum. It felt delicious just indulging in a spontaneous orgasmic playtime. Cum join me! I love it when guys spy on me and stroke ;) CLICK HERE!

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Punishing My Slave-Girl
(1080p HD & Mobile Video)

I’ve been out partying all night and left My slave-girl at home to do chores. I was drinking and dancing all night… even dancing on the bar! My feet are killing me from the good time I was having. ;) I wake up My slave-girl and make her massage and worship My feet, licking My soles and sucking My toes like a good girl. she makes My aching feet feel much better!

Quizzing her about her checklist of chores I left her with I find out she has done everything but neglected to walk the dog. I turn her perfect ass over my knee and spank her and chastise her about forgetting to walk the dog. Then I facesit and smother her face with My ass, which she finds to be more enjoyable than a punishment.

I’m satisfied and leave her to go back to sleep while I go make Myself a snack to soak up all the alcohol I’ve had to drink during My night of slutty partying.

I own My little bitch as usual ;) CLICK HERE!

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Agent Kylie Investigates Dr Shinkerr
and the Case of the Missing Shrinking Device

The evil Dr. Shrinkerr has somehow gotten his hands on one of the worlds few shrinking devices. He shrinks all the agents who have been on his trail. So, Agent Kylie has been sent to investigate the disappearance of the other agents and the device. She arrives to find one of her agents, but a little too late. She steps on the tiny shrunken man and kills him like a tiny ant. She strips nude and avails herself to the remaining tiny shrunken agents to take them back to headquarters, showing she is friendly and has good intentions. But, when the tiny people find her she finds their tiny stature so amusing that it brings out an evil streak in her, she crushes some of the agents between her toes, fingers and breasts in revenge for how they have treated her in the past. The others are condemned to live of tiny life in between her toes and in her warm puckered asshole. Agent Kylie then saves the day finding Dr. Shrinkerr and shrinking him to a miniscule piece of fluff.

Agent Kylie 006: This is a giantess video which was scripted by and shot for them according to the script they provided. They have added graphics of tiny humans being crushed and struggling between Kylie’s toes, ass crack and breasts. If this is your fetish you will find this fun. If not, wack off to the thought of my giant naked body all over youuuuuuu…. Muahahahahhah *evil laughter* CLICK HERE FOR THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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POV Ass Crack Fuck in the Kitchen
Cumshot Video!

What’s hotter than coming home to see a sexy MILF in just an apron in your kitchen? mmm

Grab that sexy ass and work it! Oh that feels so good. I’m getting wet! Better dip that dick into my wet pussy and get it all wet and slippery. Now come on and rub my little rosebud with that big dick and fuck that ass crack! I want your hot load of cum all over my ass and up my back! CLICK HERE!

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Naughty Step Daughter
(XXX 1080p HD & Mobile Video!)

Like I mentioned before I have a new hubby. I guess you could say I’m his trophy wife. ;) He goes out of town for work a lot. This time I got to spend some quality time with my step-daughter Alyssa. She told me she thinks I’m too hot for him and she’s been jealous of him that he gets to touch my hot MILF body. That naughty girl seduced me! She started running her hands along my legs and then she touched my tits and she wanted to go further! She told me to sit back and she wanted to do all the work ;) She licked my pussy really nicely. She made me cum and then I had to taste her too. My new daughter is quite the horny little thing! I think she’s hoping her Dad will be away again soon so she can seduce me again! ClICK HERE!


Horny Girl Doing Laundry
(Mobile Compatible!)

I’m down to my last pair of panties and socks. I have been doing laundry all damn day! I’ll fold these towels and then just one more load to take out of the dryer. The dryer feels so warm and the vibration is so nice leaning against it while I fold the tea towels. Then to top it off the cute neighbor guy is waving to me as he walked by my window! I am done for.. standing here in my hot little g-string, knee high socks and tank top with no bra I give in. I have to sit myself up on the dryer and masturbate to an earth shaking orgasm! I cum so hard whenever I finger bang myself with 3 fingers hard and then rub my throbbing clit. Mmmm Today is a very fun laundry day! At least this part. Hehe ... CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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My Perv Uncle Spies from the Closet and Jerks to Me Fucking!
(XXX HD & Mobile Video!)

We stayed at my Uncle’s place while we were in town and he hid in the closet and watched me fuck my man! OMG what a hot sweaty fuck session! I sucked my man’s cock, ate his ass, rode his dick and got fucked doggy style and he blew a nice load of cum on my ass! All the while my Uncle watched from the closet and stroked his cock with my panties! What a pervert! He jerked it to his own niece getting fucked! Then he dumped a load all over the floor. It makes me wonder if he wishes it was him fucking me! He came hard, I know because I stepped in his jizz puddle later on and almost slipped! How mind blowing that my Uncle watched a cock sliding in and out of my pussy! And now he’s blackmailing me about it too! OMG what’s next?! ClICK HERE!


Shaving My Big Muff
(1080p HD Video & Mobile Compatible!)

I have had this big fluffy muff for a while now. It was a treat for you muff lovers since I rarely have one… but it’s time for it to come off. Watch me touch my muff, shave it with clippers and then get into the tub and shave the fuzz off this delicious peach.. and of course touch her some more.

Loose your load all over my newly shaved peach! I need some cream! CLICK HERE FOR MY SMOOTH PUSSY!

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Strap-On For Elli
(XXX Video!)

I have a surprise for Elli under my sexy dress! I’m wearing a strap-on. ;) I planned on having some fun with this sexy girl, she makes me SO HOT! She is a little surprised to see I have it on but she is so turned on that she starts sucking my strap-on dick and gets on for a ride. It slides into her pussy so easily because she’s really turned on and she rocks back and forth on my dick and plays with my titties like a true cock slut. I was having so much fun I wanted to drill her from behind so I bent her over and thrust my cock into her from behind. She moaned so she must have liked it! ;) I fucked her really good until I had her pussy pulsing!

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Step-son Blackmails Me into Sucking His Cock
(Mobile Compatible!)

Maybe I should have known when I became the trophy wife and my new step-son had eyes for me. I invited trouble myself when I felt sorry for him all cooped up in his room with his laptop and stroked his cock for him. Clearly now I’m going to have to keep paying so to speak and doing as he wants.

I was driving up through the canyon and I got a flat tire and no spare to be found. No one was around but my step-son to come and pick me up so I wouldn’t be stuck in the mountains alone over night. He arrived and demanded that I suck his cock or he wouldn’t be taking me anywhere. So I sucked that young cock hard and made it explode so I could have my ride home out of the mountains. I didn’t think I’d be in for this! It did taste so good though… CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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Pantyhose Playtime with Deauxma
(XXX HD & Mobile Video!)

Deauxma and I had a sexy date in Vegas. We took some time out during AVN to unwind and have some pantyhose playtime together! We did some sole licking and feet kissing, tit jiggling, titty rubbing, ass kissing, admiring each other’s assets in the sexy pantyhose and then we slid them off so we were bottomless and showed our asses. We had some silly fun wrapping our tits in the pantyhose and rubbing our big titties together and playing!

This is us having fun and we want you to wank for us and show us you’re having fun too! Especially you pantyhose lovers! I want to see your BIG hot LOAD! CLICK HERE!


Making Faith Squirt!
(Mobile Compatible!)

Us girls are horny and we are on a mission to cum! I got out my hitatchi wand and went to town on Faith’s wet pussy! She told me she could squirt and I wanted to see if for my self. Oh myyyyyy! She can! Cum in and see it for yourself… I made Faith cum so hard she did squirt! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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You & Beer!
(XXX HD & Mobile Video!)

I was sitting around the house just chillin’ with a couple of beers when suddenly thoughts of you slipped into my head. As the beer wet down and my buzz went up I became really horny with you in my head. So I slipped into my crotchless body suit and high heels so that we could get off together. Come join me as I talk dirty to you and just have to cum. I end up with the beer bottle stuffed in my hairy pussy! Fucking myself while buzzed with a beer bottle and your hard cock occupying my mind was more than I can could handle and my pussy orgasmed all over the bottle. So please give me your cum! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!


Yoga Pants Stretching

Just back from a run and I need to do some stretching and bending in my hot Lulu yoga pants… won’t you join me as I stretch and bend and my ass wiggles all around in these skin tight pants that give me such a hot cameltoe?! I am getting warm.. I may just have to take them off too and finish my work down stretching naked! Hahaha


(XXX HD & Mobile Video!)

This is for all my foot guys! You’ve given me so much love. I want you to experience what it’s like to have a nice slippery footjob from me! Do you like it when I wrap my toes around your cock like this and stroke? I can feel the pressure building up in your hard cock as I slowly work that big load of cum out of you!

Oh you’re so hard I love that! It feels so good in my toes! You have an amazing cock. I know I can get you off. I Want a really big load. I want you to cum for me! CLICK HERE!


Special Guest Dee Siren
(XXX HD & Mobile Video!)

This week I have a special guest on! My sexy friend Dee Siren has sent me a video for you to see! I know exciting right? I sent her one in return so her members can see my hot pussy too. Hehe Anyway sexy Dee is a MILF with a great big booty and she LOVES to fuck! She has played with this boy toy in group situations before but it is the first time she gets to nail him one on one. She is so excited to fuck this hot tattooed stud she is just a friggin machine! You will love my friend Dee. Hope I can shoot with her one day soon ... CLICK HERE FOR THE XXX HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

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Riding Faith’s Strap-On
(Mobile Compatible Video!)

I was really horny so I made Faith put on her strap-on. I just neeeeeded to get my fuck on so bad! I made her lay down on the bed. I sucked on the cock and got it good and wet and got my juices flowing.. I told her I was going to use her to get off and she was perfectly willing ☺ I straddled that cock of hers and slid it deep in my pussy and I rode her hard until I came! Whew that was a work out but I got what I needed! Mmmmm! CLICK HERE!


Elli and I Get Together For Christmas
(HD Video & Mobile Video!)

My sexy friend Elli and I got together for the holiday season. We had a great time together. We exchanged gifts too. Guess what we got each other? We must have been thinking the same thing because we both bought juicy cock vibrators! What better way to be festive than to use them together too! I use her new toy to make her cum and she made me cum hard with that great gift! Won’t you join us for some holiday fun? I think we could sure use another big cock to play with! CLICK HERE!


Bent Over For You Baby!
(Mobile Compatible Video!)

Oh what a fun night out! I’m bent over for you baby! I’ve got my slutty little short skirt on with no panties so it’s really easy to lift it up and fuck me! You had a hard on all night catching glimpses of my pussy and ass in this tiny skirt. ☺ Play with my ass! Smack it, jiggle it. Finger my little pussy! Rub that dick on my little clitty, damn that feels good! Fuck me good baby… mmmm Cum all over my big ass baby! That’s just what I wanted!

XOXO your slut for the night ;) ~ Kylie


Cute Cowgirl Wants You to Look Up Her Dress
(HD Video & Mobile Video!)

I like it when a guy looks up my skirt. That’s why I wear these short little dresses. I’m just going to relax and sit down there and have some sips of beer and you can just look up my skirt! What a naughty flirt I am! Do you like dirty girls? Naughty girls?

Look at that naughty little bush! Can you see my pretty little pussy under there? She’s so cute. Did you ever think every girl you’re walking by at the mall or every girl you see at the bar she might not be wearing panties and what if she just let you look up your skirt like I’m doing now? ;)

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Trophy Wife Strokes Her New Son’s Cock
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Apologies for the sound technical error at the beginning which was rectified for the juicy part!



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I’m going to be a naughty girl and shower with my shoes and leatherette dress on just because it feels so damn good! I like being a bad girl and going against what you’re supposed to do! Flying in the face of convention so to speak. So I invite you to come in and watch me shower and soap up my sexy tits, my big wet ass and of course my delicious pussy! Doesn’t watching the water rolling over me and dripping down my wet dress get you hard?! Well it get’s me wet in more ways than one! I better wash up that tight little cunt, she’s been naughty! CLICK HERE!!


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Recently I flew to Arizona and had my webmaster shoot a bunch of video and pictures of me. It was a fun couple of days for sure and I got really excited recording video with someone that normally doesn’t take my pictures or video. I was sitting down to lotion up my legs before shooting and he just grabbed the video camera and started shooting. It was really erotic and totally impromptu the way it worked out. Naturally after rubbing my legs and feet with lotion I become all wet and decided to keep it going. I ended up stripping totally naked and rubbing my pussy until I was soaking wet and cumming! So CLICK HERE and let’s rub one out together in this HD Video!


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I take my position as building security very seriously, so when I get phone calls complaining about a red head exposing herself in the building I am on the case immediately! Sure enough I find this little tart out in the hallway exposing herself in one of the upstairs windows to the guys in the office building adjacent to us. What a dirty little attention seeking slut she is! We can't have this in our very professional condos. I escort her quickly and aggressively back to her own apartment and have a very stern talking to her about her lude display. Of course she just plays innocent and this frustrates me more. Fine, if she is going to be a slut then I'm going to treat her like the slut she is. I toy with her tits and expose her in the window of her own suite.. making sure her ass is sticking out for everyone to see from the next building. I take out my new glass baton and discipline her with it, including sliding it in and out of her pussy repeatedly until she can't help but cum hard. The whole time she moans and begs like the little slut girl she is. I find this so amusing that I think I will be back for more and make sure she satisfies my wet pussy next time! CLICK HERE!

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First he took me for a lovely dinner in the nice hotel restaurant and then for some FUN!! He agreed to be in the photos and video too, or at least most of him anyway from the mouth down. He did a great job of shooting stills of me while butt naked… I have to give him credit for his patience with a sexy blonde babe in front of him! hehe

We got some really hot and steamy photos..I slowly took my clothes off, posing and playing with my tits..taking off my tight jeans, sticking my ass in the air and spreading my pussy, and plunging a big vibrator into my pussy for him to get some good shots of ;) Then on to the part he was WAITING for!! -- I set the camera on a tripod and started to play for him with my big cock shaped vibrator and my little bullet on my clit. As I got into it he walked into the frame and started to jerk off as he watched me jerk myself off! So hottttttt! Just like when he watches me on Skype but this time he was right at the end of the bed!! MMM I was so turned on having someone watch me masturbate RIGHT THERE! It got me to climax pretty quick and I moaned and sighed and had my release with a nice little gush that dripped from the big vibe as I pulled it out of my pussy! Delicious! He continued to watch me writhe and play on the bed stoking his cock to my rhythm until finally he burst squirting streams of cum and accidentally making a mess on my feet. Lol

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Stocking Feet (10+ Min. Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) -"Hello there, I'm wearing my FF Stockings just like you like! Come here and enjoy them! ;)" Watch as I have my sexy stocking covered toes sucked and soles licked and worshipped. He does such a good job at making my feet feel amazing I want to make him feel good too and allow him to fuck my stocking feet! As I place my feet together sole to sole he strains and pushes his big hard cock vigorously between my toes, soles and arches... ultimately exploding with cum all over my FF Cuban heel stocking feet and ass! And of course a session is not complete until I rub that juicy cum all over my ass and get the skin softening benefits of that hot jizz! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 10+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Quickie in the Bathroom (8+ Min. Blowjob Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) -Ever get so horny when you're getting ready to go out that you don't make it? Well I do! Feeling naughty I find my hot cock and pull him in for a quickie on the bathroom counter! ;) mmm That cock feels good sliding in and out I'm making things messy. After a good fucking a get treated by a lovely load of cum all over my pussy :) Creamy goodness! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 8+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Evil Queen BJ (3+ Min. Blowjob Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) -I am your evil Queen with my sharp weapon like nails and a voracious appetite for cock! Feast your eyes on this tall statuesque frame in PVC thigh-high boots and sexy blood red dress. My wish is your command! Give me what I want and do it now! I want your cock! Your Queen shows you her very arousing ass, tits and pussy, long long legs & then goes in for the kill ;) The killer cock. CLICK HERE FOR THIS 3+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Voyeur In The Woods (12+ Min. Hardcore Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) -Oh what a perverted voyeur watching me have lesbian sex in the woods with Julia! Does your cock tingle as we are kissing a groping each others bodies? Is your cock hard as she enters my pussy with a big vibrator? I'll bet you shoot a big load on the ground when she makes me cum! Does it make you want to cum again after we've fucked and empty our full bladders on the forest floor? Mmm hot ... I know you're watching and it turns me on! Makes me cum harder. Does that make me a dirty slut? ;) CLICK HERE FOR THIS 10+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Your Stocking Slut~ CUMSHOT! (10+ Min. Hardcore Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) - I am feeling super horny and sexy today, however, there are no men here to satisfy me! So I thought we’d have an intimate encounter of our own. I’m wearing nothing but my stocking and heels. I’m also talking talking really dirty to you as I work my wet waiting pussy into a frenzy! I want you to grab your cock and get it all nice and hard for me. Then stroke it hard until you explode for me. I want your warm wet creamy cum to mix with my wet pussy juice as I we cum together .... CLICK HERE and enjoy this wanting slut as I wearing nothing but my stockings and heels! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 10+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

POV Tease & Titty Fuck~ CUMSHOT! (9+ Min. Hardcore Video - In Both Computer & Mobile Formats) - I show off my tits in my new shirt and take it off to reveal big cleavage in my bra, then I lose the bra and play with my tits, shake my ass and show you my pussy and once my clothes are off you are good and hard and I tell you to come and fuck my tits because I need something big and hard between them! That big cock fucks my titties and leaves me with a big messy load all over my chest and shoulder.. a lovely pearl necklace. You fucked my tits so good.. it felt amazing! And I love tasting your cum after too. Thank you baby. ;)

This video is shot POV style, feel YOUR big cock thrusting between my big 34DD tits and busting a messy load on me! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 9+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH COMPUTER AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Facial In The Forest (6+ Min. Hardcore Video - In Both HD and Mobile Formats) - While I was out hiking I happened upon one of the luckiest (and cutest) bastards alive! Do you know what made him so? Well I just so happened to be thirsty on my hike and thought he might be able to help me out ;) By the way, I mean THIRSTY FOR COCK! Lol

I got down on my knees in the tall grass and sucked that cock like a thirsty bitch! Milking it with my mouth and feeling it strain and pulse and leak in my mouth as I sucked and he fucked my face. I wanted him to make my black sunglasses white and he left a delicious load just as expected all over my face! I had to taste it after too of course. Thirsty slut!

And as he walked away from me he said "holy shit I just had every guys dream cum true, I must be the luckiest bastard alive!" What do y’all think? ;) CLICK HERE FOR THIS 6+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH HD AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Officer Naughty (12+ Min. Hardcore Video - In Both HD and Mobile Formats) - Officer Naughty was out on patrol when she happened upon a dirty girl masturbating in the woods. Of course that is not acceptable, public indecency indeed! This woman must be punished and Officer Naughty knows just how to do it! Yes that baton of hers comes in handy in this situation as she punishes the dirty little slut and enjoys herself at the same time. Maybe a little too much?! haha Be a good citizen and cum watch this video, because you never know what Officer Naughty might do to you if you don't! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 12+ MIN. VIDEO IN BOTH HD AND MOBILE FORMATS!

Hooters Hottie (25+ Min. Hardcore Video) - All day long at my serving job as a Hooters Hottie guys stare at my tits and undress me with their eyes. If you were my man wouldn’t you want to fuck me good and hard and give me something to remember when I’m at work? You’d want to make me hot and wet and not pay attention to all the guys drooling over me wouldn’t you? You want me to cum home to you and your good good lovin’ and big hard dick right? So fuck me good and hard before I go to work and lose your big load of cum in my mouth so I can remember the taste all night when I’m getting hit on over and over again! Make me moan and sigh and cum hard and keep me cuming back for more! Ya baby fuck your Hooters Hottie like you mean it!! CLICK HERE FOR THIS 25+ MIN. VIDEO OF ME GETTING FUCKED HARD AND TAKING HIS WARM CUM!

Hairbrush Spanking - Looks like today Mistress Kylie will have to get out her paddle-like wooden hair brush and punish a naughty chronic masturbator. Not only because of his chronic endless habitual wanking, but because he’s been doing it without MY permission. I have found physical evidence on his keyboard (ewww) that he has been wanking when I am not around. That means also this pathetic little addict has been trying to sneak out of paying Mistress his cum tax! He only has permission to jerk off when I say he can and when permission is granted paying his cum tax is immediately in order, before he jerks his hot load all over his stupid self. So now he is being punished! Repeated strikes to his fleshy ass with my beautiful wooden hairbrush until it glows red, and then a lesson on how to masturbate properly by Mistress. I wank his cock and show him how it should be done and he loses his load all over my beautiful real FF backseamed Cuban heel nylon STOCKINGS.

Perhaps he is a lucky subby, he is being spanked by his Mistress in a beautiful Corselette (all in one Corsette) and FF Stockings! We shall see the results. My cum tax account should be filling up quite nicely.

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Leather Glove Mystery Woman - You have noticed her in the building a few times and there’s something that makes you want to know more about her. She seems hot, sensual, but scary, and…and strict somehow. Maybe it’s the severe pulled back hair and the glasses. Not to mention almost creepy with her incessant wearing of leather items, especially those gloves she always seems to wear, even when it’s a little too warm out. It’s almost like she’s obsessed with leather, you’ve even watched her hypnotically run her hands up and down her thighs and legs almost like an invitation. Was it an invitation or are you just imagining things?! And she does lick her lips…a lot.

It’s after hours and you see her coming down the hall. It’s dim but your eyes meet and you can tell she wants to do something to you. Your mind is racing…should you let her, what does she want from me, what if my wife finds out… Finally you meet in the dark hallway and she reaches out and grazes your semi-hard cock under your pants with those leather gloves. You become rock hard in an instant and you think…it’s late, the building is dark this will just be quick, my wife will never find out and it will feel SO FUCKING GOOD! You reach out and touch her arm and she immediately drops to her knees, her shirt is off in an instant and her milky white tits seem to almost glow as she pulls your straining cock out of your pants. OMG this is so worth any of the risk.. she is fucking amazing…though she still scares you, dark, mysterious, severe…she is sucking your cock and working it with those leather gloves like a pro and you are writhing in ecstasy. She sucks and works your cock harder and harder seemingly intoxicated by your big dick. Taking in its smell and taste…almost devouring it and then jerks it until you dump a sticky load on her tits, which she just has to taste. OMG!! FUCK soooo fucking good!! Ughhhh

You’ve barely finished and she gets up, throws her raincoat on, purse over her shoulder and walks out the door. You are dumfounded but left wanting more…fantasizing about this woman. What it might be like to fuck her… That was so fast did that even happen?! What a total mindfuck. But isn’t that what she wanted? CLICK HERE!

Foot Fetish - Come and have a sit down with your foot fetish girls Kylie and Bunny while we tease you with our cute feet, curled toes, soles, tight jean-covered asses and giggles. ;) Hope you have as much fun as we did. Love to our foot fetish guys! CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE TOE WIGGLING FUN!

Mature MILF Pussy! - I strip showing you my sexy lil' body. I know how you love my big round tits and nipples that stick out so far. Imagine taking them in your mouth and rolling them on your tongue. mmmm Massaging my large plump tits in your hands as you suck. And you love my mature MILF pussy, look at that delicious creamy wet slit, still tight and hot even though I'm such a MILF! Imagine sinking your big cock in that pussy like I do with my big pink vibrator in this club update. Make me moan and CUMMMMMM really hard just like I fantasize when I'm fucking myself with it!! That's right baby... right there.. mmmm ... CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Vacation Fuck Machine! - Wanna get me horny? Take me on vacation and give me sun, pool, sand, drinks and fancy dinners... It turns me into a fuck machine! That's exactly what Jack Silver experienced on our holiday together. He got sucked and fucked so much I was having protein for desert after every meal! ;) This picture set and video of our hot action will give you a little taste of what will happen for you when you treat MILF Kylie right baby .. I'm a kitten, watch me purrrr and moan and scream .... CLICK HERE FOR THE HD VIDEO WITH BIG TITTY CUMSHOT!

Fantasy Fuck! - I have to admit I have fantasized about just meeting some random hot young guy and fucking the hell out of him him!! Hot sweaty wild sex with multiple orgasms and him leaving a big load all over me! Noticing a hot young guy across the pool while on vacation and just taking him back to the hotel room to fuck like animals. Taking him by the hand and leading him into the room where I push him down on the bed and climb on top of him, reaching into his shorts and pulling out his already throbbing hard cock. I take his big young cock in my mouth and suck it and taste the salty pre-cum he’s squirting into my mouth as he throbs! I suck until I can feel cum stirring from his balls and then I drop his dick.. leaving him wondering and wanting more! I like to tease the young ones. ;)

My turn to get fucked, releasing my bikini I climb on board that delicious young cock and ride it. It sinks into me and makes me sigh with pleasure.. I’m so wet! I ride that beautiful cock hard until it makes my pussy throb and pulse with a huge orgasm. Then I command the young stud to leave a huge load on my pussy. He is more than willing and explodes with a load of hot jizz all over my still pulsing cunt! Mmm Satisfaction guaranteed… Time for a nap ;-) CLICK HERE FOR THE HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Fuck and Suck! - After a few drinks at the pub I was a little tipsy and started doing naughty stuff, grabbing his cock through his jeans, flashing a quick nipple in public! Back at home I needed to get what I was hinting at when we were out having drinks.. I need to taste cock in a big way and I need to get fucked!! Mmm.. that big dick tasted so good in my mouth, I just loved working away on it and feeling it choke me a little. I moaned with pleasure when he started using that big cock on my pussy and he fucked me really good! I was so wet and horny! Come and buy me a drink at the pub and see what happens?! I’d like to taste your cock! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

Boob Squishing - My submissive friend Bunny & I came home from seeing a movie that got us hot & horny because it had a steamy girl/girl scene. When we got back to my place we had some wine & got into some boob rubbing together. It was very hot & we turned the camera on because I knew my members would love the chance to watch! Cum join our titty fetish! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Breast Worship (HD VIDEO) - The chat Bunny and I had about our sexy boots while topless and sipping on cider progressed naturally into a boob worship session. Bunny is compelled to suck and play with Mistress Kylie’s boobs as much as Mistress will allow. She is in heaven rolling my hard pink nipples with her tongue. My cute little submissive gets in just enough time to leave her wanting more and dreaming about the next time she’ll be given permission to adore her Mistress’s creamy white titties. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
BOOTS! (HD VIDEO) - Foot fetish model Bunny dropped over to my place for a couple of drinks one day.
We are both big fans of boots and started talking about our favorite kinds of boots and which ones we had etc. We realized our fans might want to listen in on our boot conversation, especially the boot fetters out there! So we turned the camera on so you can listen in on us as we chat topless in our sexy boots. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL HD VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
First Ass Fuck! (17+ Min. Full TV Size Video) - My hubby and I have been together for 20 years and he as always wanted something sexually that I was never prepared to give up. Can you guess what that is ... ANAL ... hahahaha!

Well I have finally relented and gave in to his desire and you get to see my VERY FIRST ass fuck! I must say it was more difficult than I thought it would be ... but on the other hand after I learned to relax I just laid back on the bed and let it happened. I was quite turned on once I learned to relax my muscles. I played with my pussy while he was fucking my ass and that made the experience quite enjoyable. The thing that was really wild for me was when hubby finally came and filmed my ass with his warm cum. Having an anal creampie was really a wild feeling. I don’t think I ever had anything that warm enter my ass before LOL!

So CLICK HERE and watch this 17 Min. video with anal creampie cumshot as I get Ass Fucked for the first time!

Party Sex! (10+ Min. Full TV Size Video) - Hubby and I were at a small party at a friend's place and thought we'd do a little roll play fun. We decided we'd pretend we didn't know each other and were just meeting at this party for the first time. Things got very hot and steamy even in front of a few people.. I wasn't wearing any panties and Jack was letting his hands wander as I 'oops, accidentally' let my legs fall open.

We decided we should take the fun into our friends bedroom where he followed us with the video camera! We couldn't stop ourselves it was time to FUCK! He kept video rolling and recorded the whole thing. Next time we hope he gets in just a little closer ;) But pretty good for his first time watching LIVE PORN in front of his face. lol We very much hope you will be naughty enough to be one of the voyeur partygoers and join us in the bedroom! Watch Jack bend me over the bed and fuck the shit out of me!! ;) I hope you got your dick in hand stroking as you watch us fuck. We looooove that! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL MOVIE WITH CUMSHOT IN MY CLUB!

Mistress Kylie (9+ Min. Full TV Size Video) - I’m about to have a FemDom session with one of my Slaves. We are in Vegas in the hotel room where the session will be shot by a photographer. I start by showing off my body in order to tease the ‘Sub’ and show him the tits and pussy he does not get to have! I hop on the bed and bend over spreading my pussy for him to see and smell, and salivate over with desire and frustration.

After I’m convinced he is sufficiently worked up but submitting, our video session begins! Watch as I train his pervy ass with my riding crop and stiletto boots! I remove the boots and squeeze and pinch his nipples with my toes too. He is then made to force-worship my feet all the while taking humiliation and abuse. This is what a Sub thrives on and needs to keep him in line! “Yes Mistress!” CLICK HERE!

Drive Him Crazy ~ Ride His Cock! - He hadn't seen me in my purple bra for a while and I know how it drives him wild so I decided to wear it with the little blue g-string with matching purple flowers. The bra is a 32DD so naturally the cup is too small with a 32, a 32DD is like the cup size of a 34D, usually way to small. So my sweet nipples peak and poke over the top and spill out of the cups like they are beckoning to come play with them. Suck, lick, twirl them in your mouth, bite them ever so gently. He walked in the door from working a bit of overtime and I was waiting, I heard the garage door. hehe I was ready on the bed, also wearing my white leather jacket as I was getting a bit chilly. Off it came.   As soon as he saw the bra I could see a massive bulge in his pants. He has such a nice big cock, it always drives me wild! So I seductively stripped while he stood and admired me, torturing himself because it's all the better when he gets to shove that hard as a rock big dick into my hot little pussy! I tease him some more, rolling around on the bed and posing, sticking out my ass and playing with my tits after the bra comes off. The anticipation is killing him! Finally I beckon him to come and fuck me and he lays out on the bed. I lower my now throbbing pussy onto that delicious cock! Oh it slides in so nice, easing the slight tightness as it’s burried deep in me! Thrusting slowly at first and then I sit fully on it and feel it fill me up until it almost hurts.. well it hurts a little...  I ride that big cock reverse cowgirl style until we both cum really good.  You can see it fill me up really good in the close shots in this set, fucking this little cunt like it should be fucked! Tits bouncing, clit rubbing, spreading my little cunt right apart. You can even see my tight little asshole.  Mmm how I'd love to see those pics tributed! Cum play with me and fuck me good and hard too! CLICK HERE FOR THIS VIDEO OF ME RIDING COCK AND IT FELT SO GOOD!
Masturbating While Hubby's at Work! - While hubby was at work today I was talking with some of my online friends and I got so worked up chatting with them and reading their sexy emails that I just had to take care of myself. I got out one of my favorite toys and decided to work my pussy in frenzy. I got so worked up making this homemade video for you all by myself that I just orgasmed like crazy. CLICK HERE FOR THIS UNIQUE SELF MADE VIDEO IN FULL TV SIZE!
Baby Doll Blow Job (w/cumshot) - I'm in one of those very naughty moods again! I just want an all day sucker.. I NEED cock in my mouth! So I ambush him when he comes back from beers with the boys.. I'm waiting with a black lacey thing on. I love to feel the cock straining and pulsing in my mouth, dripping tasty salty treats on my tongue. It makes me want to suck harder and harder and then I'm rewarded because that big cock gets so hard in my mouth and  bursts sticky yummy cum down my throat, making me choke.. just a little bit. He's been wanting it more and more, almost every day! I guess he thinks I look so much better with something in my mouth! *wink * CLICK HERE FOR 80+ PICTURES AND A 7+ MIN. VIDEO WITH THE CUMSHOT FINALE!
Backyard Bikini Masturbation - Ahh you caught me! Outside in my backyard laying in my bikini the warm sun makes me so horny! Oh you my voyeur neighbor must be just loving this! Jerking off while you watch me laying on my towel in the grass and reach between my legs, pull my bikini bottom to the side and rub my pussy until I cum! It makes me so hot that you're watching me be naughty. I feel like such a dirty little slut! Same time next week? *special kisses* CLICK HERE!
Delicious BJ - After a little workout I'm all HOT in more ways than one. I have got one thing on my mind, I just want to suck cock and taste that yummy saltiness. My hot lip and tongue action and a little bit of teasing get me exactly what I want... mmmm delicious cum and a nice money shot. Now I'm satisfied, I've had my protein shake! CLICK HERE!
Driving My Stick Shift - Mmm.. driving stick. Thought you might like to see me pump the pedals and grab the stickshift. Driving the car in the suburbs on the way to the pub, my tits and pussy cum out to play in the car. I know.. usually you hear about, or you ARE (lol), the guy that strokes it in the car. This time my pussy is naked in the car and gets wet and horny! I’m wearing a sheer thong and a skirt so I lifted my skirt to show my pussy through the thong, popped down my tube top and felt the freedom of playing with myself for a little bit as we drove! It was a very erotic freeing feeling.. I thought of you watching me from the next car with your dick in your hand and I came really fast!! CLICK HERE!
Guy From The Beach Vacation Blowjob And Swallow - I was on holidays on the coast enjoying some time in the sun on the beach. In the back of my mind I knew I had to shoot a photoset for my site page and I kept thinking about it. I also started to get horny thinking about it, fantasizing about having sex with someone from the beach. I started to talking to a cute Italian guy and asked him if he'd mind taking some nude photos of me and maybe some video and I would make sure it was worth his while! He agreed and came back to my hotel room with me. We shot some photos & then turned on the video camera. I slowly stripped and teased him until I could see he had a big hard on. I then turned my attention to him and his big dick! And what a thankyou he got for taking some shots for me! I sucked him off and swallow his salty warm load!mmm Cum watch me suck random cock. tee hee CLICK HERE!
HAPPY HALLOWEEN Balloon Fun! - This club update is fulfilling a special request by a fan, you know who you are! :)
My jacuzzi is FILLED with orange and black balloons for me to play with and pop! The balloons have been very naughty, so after rubbing them on my tits, holding them tight to my body and squeezing them on my big titties, sitting on them with my bare ass (except for garter and stockings), and rubbing my pussy with them and making myself hot and wet I POP them! I sit on them and pop them and I pop them with my finger nails, clawing at them like a pussycat...    There are also video clips with this update of me rubbing the balloons on my pussy and popping them with my nails. I'm wearing a black garter and stockings, and some really sexy red PVC platform stripper boots! Cum play and pop with me .. make a messy big bang for me baby! CLICK HERE!

Laundry Room Ride - I had my jeans & some other stuff in the dryer & went to check on them. The dryer was so warm & was vibrating so nicely I decided to sit on it & see how it felt. It got me HOT so I started to rub my pussing & grind on the dryer. mmm But UH-OH I got caught! Apparently someone else was waiting on their jeans to dry! After spying on me while I played with my pussy he came in & gave me a good pounding! Watching that big cock slide in & out of me was so hot! I came hard & then he pulled me down from the dryer to suck on his cock.. he fucked mouth really deep with that big cock & you can even hear me choke and gag ;) He finished off by shooting a big hot load of cum all over my waiting tongue which I made sure to show! And then I licked the last drop of that delicious jizz off my lips & swallow! Yum. This is my very 1st full size fuck video on my site site so I hope you enjoy! CLICK HERE!

Pantyhose Housewife & The Suction Dong - Naughty WIFEY is in the kitchen getting ready to prepare spaghetti for dinner...       Wearing red bra, vintage apron, vintage blue slip and PANTYHOSE the feeling of the silky slip against the pantyhose is very arousing!    Wifey shows off her domestic look and then slowly strips down to the pantyhose so you can see my hot pussy and ass through them, not to mention my red hot big round titties!  Then I get out my special friend, my big SUCTION DONG and secure it to my kitchen cupboard where I impale myself and slam against it until I am juicy with white cum... Some great close ups and full body shots of this very SEXY WIFEY IN THE KITCHEN!! CLICK HERE!

Smoking and Masturbation - I was at my friends office/warehouse after we had been out for lunch. We had been fooling around shooting some pics while his staff was out to lunch. Pretty daring considering his girlfriend doesn’t know he shoots nudes, let alone pornographic nudes! If the staff walked in it would get back to her, she’d find out for sure. Of course the danger of this made me horny and he definitely had a hard on, so we decided to push our time envelope just a little further… haha He asked me if I wanted to try the new massage oil he’d just bought and see what how it felt and that the shininess would definitely be sexy! So I got the oil and rubbed it all over myself. I threw on a hat and panties he had wanted to see me in and started to pose some more. Then to push the time even further I thought I’d have a smoke. I know my fans like to see me smoking anyway! So I like up a Slim and puff on it for a while. I’m getting so juiced up I need a release so I grab ‘big blue’ and start to play, may as well push the envelope as far as we possibly can! I play with my pussy and tease my clit, and fuck myself with this monster vibe until I’m teetering on a mind blowing orgasm… Just as I ram this big cock into my pussy one last time I start cuming.. ohhhh myyyyy… FUCK ME! I yell.. as the bell on the front door downstairs chimes.. the employees are back from lunch… mmm Guess they’ll have to see me like this, hot mess and all… ;) CLICK HERE!

Sensuous Suds & Hairwash - Touch your huge hardness as you watch me in the shower I washing and lathering my hair and rubbing suds all over my slippery wet tits and body. Mmmm... I love rubbing my big 34DD tits especially when they are wet, and I love showing you my steamy dripping wet sexy curves in the shower. I want you to cum join me! drip drip ahhhh. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!
Shaving Legs & Pussy - Cum watch me as I shave my legs and pussy and tell you all about how I like to do it. CLICK HERE for all the close up shaving fun!!

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